"The Group" - Field Trip 2013

Safeco Field

On February 20th, the site for our monthly meeting was held at Safeco Field. The purpose of the meeting was to do a Cross-Connection inspection of the facility and maybe have some fun as well.

Their were about 50 people that attended. We broke up into several smaller groups (each group had a BAT) and proceeded to do the inspection as well as testing some of the backflow assemblies for Safeco Field to show our appreciation for them letting us use their facility. 

We were able to go to places that most people will never see. Each group had a Safeco Field employee take us to areas like the kitchen, fire sprinkler room, restaurant areas, bating cages, locker room, workout facility, dugout and Lou's office (some of us sat in his chair). Obviously not all places had  backflow devices but that is why we were there, to inspect the facility. OK so we didn't need to go to some of those locations but the people at Safeco Field were very gracious host's and all of us appreciated the opportunity to spend the morning at such a great ballpark, our thanks to the staff at Safeco Field.

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